TABS & Geothermal: adding great value to ENEA global solutions

ENEA Grupo® offers global bioclimatic architecture and green building solutions such as innovative thermo-active building systems (TABS) in combination with Geothermal and other clean and renewable energy generation facilities. Geothermal is a renewable, clean and sustainable energy that seizes the constant temperature inside the earth throughout the year. Through a thermal exchange circuit with the[…]

Spain recovers common sense: the end of the “sun tax”.

Spain recovers common sense. At last, its government has annulled today the so called “sun tax” in force since three years ago. The new royal decree focuses in the regulation to support self-consumption across the country, including simplified procedures for registering new power generators, considering under self-consumption plants under 100 kW, allowing economies of scale for[…]

How can your Hotel achieve 12% energy saving and efficiency? Learn more about ENEA solutions.

ENEA Grupo® markets internationally Gesinne GS, an innovative range of power supply smart regulators, that improve the quality and saving of industry, residential and service sector installations. It is a perfect solution for Hotels, since power quality affects comfort, and potential saving is very high. The unique “Parador Nacional” of Toledo is one among the[…]

ENEA advanced product engineering services can help you in the development of your products.

ENEA Grupo® offers specialized product engineering services in collaboration with an independent spin off, since 2009, of a multinational automotive leader in the design and development of active safety systems. Currently, ENEA Grupo® has a high level team of 15 engineers who brings international experience of over 20 years leading and developing cooperative R &[…]

“From Madrid to Heaven”, and from the Sun to India. Learn more about the world’s largest Solar Atlas.

There is a popular saying about the capital of Spain: “From Madrid to Heaven”. And it seems very appropriate when we think about how important it is to observe and monitor the meteorological conditions and, in particular, solar irradiance. Thanks to solar historical data, Government agencies in many countries publish maps commonly collected together as[…]

Have you ever dreamed of generating your own energy… everywhere? ENEA can help make your dream come true.

Have you ever dreamed of generating your own energy… everywhere? When you travel to the mountain, to the sea, to other countries and places, when you are at home or visiting others…. everywhere. ENEA can help make your dream come true with its catalog of extra-light and high quality flat, flexible and foldable photovoltaic cells and[…]

ENEA patented power supply optimization system achieves savings and pay-back within 1-3 years

ENEA Grupo® markets internationally the patented power supply optimization system GESINNE GS. This innovative solution is installed in series and, by means of smart controlling voltage levels, it achieves a reduction in the electric energy consumption at customers’ facilities, attaining savings and Pay-Back within 12 to 36 months (1 to 3 years). It not only achieves significant[…]

ENEA Grupo® attends GENERA Latinoamerica 2015

ENEA Grupo® attended successfully last edition of GENERA LATINOAMERICA professional Exhibition, held in Santiago de Chile from 7th to 9th of October, 2015. Besides, GENERA LATINOAMERICA overlapped dates and venue with MATELEC LATINOAMÉRICA and EXPO AMBIENTAL, giving greater relevance to the event and attracting more visitors, mostly professionals. ENEA attended GENERA as a member of the trade mission ESPAÑA RENOVABLE Y SOSTENIBLE[…]

ENEA Grupo® sponsors renewable energy and technological innovation in Mostoles

ENEA Grupo® signed a sponsorship agreement for renewable energy and technological innovation with the Local Government of Mostoles (Madrid, Spain). The Mostoles Council’s commitment to sustainability and renewable energy has resulted today, Thursday 22 November 2012, on the signing of a cooperation agreement with ENEA Grupo®, whose headquarters is located in the Technology Park of Mostoles.[…]

ENEA explores innovation partnership with IMDEA

On Friday August 17, a delegation of ENEA was invited by the Madrid Institute for Advanced Studies in Energy (IMDEA Energy) at its facilities located in the Technology Park of Mostoles. This institution is born in the Madrid region for different projects in the field of energy, especially directed to renewable and clean technologies, a sector[…]

Successful participation of ENEA in GENERA-Spain

More than 3,000 people attended ENEA’s stand during the Energy and Environment International Exhibition, GENERA 2012, held at the IFEMA fairgrounds during the past 23, 24 and 25 May. Thousands of professionals and visitors sought information on the products presented by ENEA, who participated with its partner Honeywell, a multinational company specialized in temperature control equipments, among[…]

ENEA, awarded the Techno-Energy Prize

ENEA has been awarded the Techno-Energy Price 2012 in the category of Best Product of wind energy. The awards gala was held yesterday May 23 in Madrid. ENEA has also been a finalist in the other category in which it was nominated: Innovative Application of energy efficiency, thanks to the ERX applicationof the WT6500 Honeywell[…]

AEQ opens its new headquarters with bioclimatic and photovoltaic by ENEA

AEQ inaugurates its new headquarters designed by a team of architects and engineers from ENEA Grupo® under bioclimatic architecture and sustainability criteria. The 5,000 square meter building, located in the LEGATEC Science and Technology Park in Leganés, Madrid, generates its own energy through an 80 KWp photovoltaic grid connection, also installed by ENEA Grupo®. Its[…]