Unlimited, immediate and inaudible Energy within a portable case? Learn more about new IO Battery.

ENEA Grupo® markets internationally the new IO Battery, a complete and compact device to produce and take away energy wherever you want thanks to its compact dimensions, versatility and the ease of transport that results.

IO Battery is matched with an easy energetic production type Plug & Play, by means of ENEA solar panels that are characterized by their lightness, flexibility and foldability which enable lodging them into the case.

IO Battery has capacity and versatility of charging quickly from the grid, power generators, solar panels or mini wind generator. Unlimited, immediate and inaudible Energy within a portable case!

It offers the maximum capacity in lithium-ion in the smallest space and weight as possible. Its IP65 Trolley suitcase system enables easy transport with wheels and a maximum protection. It includes an internal damping system that protects from any damage to the internal components of the suitcase during transportation and handling.

With IO Battery, you can connect almost any electrical device up to 2.000W. It has 4 USB outputs, 1 12V cigarette lighter socket and 220V socket. With this output, you can connect a microwave oven for 2 consecutive hours.

IO Battery supports different configurations, in order to better adapt to the needs of the user, with total battery charge, using 4 panels FRb-96 (384W) or 3 panels TXP130 (390W), in just 4 hours, with 3.000 charge/discharge cycles, and 15 years of service life.

And all this, at an extremely competitive price.

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