TABS & Geothermal: adding great value to ENEA global solutions

ENEA Grupo® offers global bioclimatic architecture and green building solutions such as innovative thermo-active building systems (TABS) in combination with Geothermal and other clean and renewable energy generation facilities.

Geothermal is a renewable, clean and sustainable energy that seizes the constant temperature inside the earth throughout the year. Through a thermal exchange circuit with the subsoil, a heat pump and an exchange circuit with the home or building, it provides optimum and permanent performance, as it does not depend on changing atmospheric conditions.

Although it is true that the initial investment in a geothermal installation may be higher, compared to the investment in other facilities from renewable energy sources, its visual and acoustic impact is zero, and its availability is permanent, without fluctuations (heat from earth is stable whether it is raining, snowing, the wind is blowing or the day is sunny or not).

For this reason, Geothermal is increasingly becoming one of the most demanded solutions offered to the market by ENEA Grupo®.

Although TABS are still relatively unknown, we can nevertheless say that they are a necessary step on the way to nearly-zero energy buildings (NZEB). So, if you are hearing this concept for the first time, given its importance, you are probably wondering: what are TABS?

TABS (Thermally Active Building System) are solutions that consider the building itself (envelope, framing, foundations, structures) and its integrated relationship with the environment (location, subsoil, orientation) as a single active and global system for air conditioning spaces and healthy and comfortable environments under an optimal energy efficiency criteria.

Of course, these adding value solutions by ENEA Grupo® are designed to operate throughout the useful life of the building and their construction incorporates eco-friendly materials.

But if TABS stand out for something, it is because, on one hand, they store energy in the building structure itself, having a positive impact on consumption needs, decoupling them in production time; and on the other hand, they work at closer temperatures to room temperature through low-exergy systems (in other words, these heat transfer fluids systems work at lower temperature) and, therefore, it is much easier to achieve the optimum level of comfort with much lower energy consumption.

TABS are increasingly incorporating inertial systems such as phase change materials (PCM) and renewable energy facilities (geothermal, aerothermal, photovoltaic), achieving a drastic reduction in energy consumption toward almost NZEB values.

Furthermore, their economic impact is also very positive in terms of the initial investment, since they optimize resources in time and money. Imagine a building or home whose framing and foundations, as well as its walls, actively air-condition its rooms. And imagine that the excavations to build this building with an underground parking lot are simultaneously used as drilling for a geothermal installation.

Therefore, geothermal combined with TABS improves the numbers when calculating the investment, as happens with the combination of underfloor heating and aerothermal or geothermal.

No doubt whatsoever, we can affirm that TABS are the future generation of already well known underfloor heating installations, today in thousands of homes, combined by ENEA Grupo® with geothermal, aerothermal, photovoltaic or solar thermal energy.

This is how, once again, ENEA Grupo® is adding great value to its long history in the energy, water, environment sectors, as well as in other innovative and disruptive sustainable global solutions like vanadium technology energy storage systems and so on.

Are you looking for optimal solutions from design to completion of work, using passive energy systems, such as top quality PVC windows and thermal eco-insulation solutions, combined with thermo-active systems (TABS) supported by renewable energies such as Geothermal?

Contact ENEA Grupo® and let’s open together a new window into the future.