Environmental Monitoring

ENEA operates the Environmental Monitoring sector with the following products and services:

1. Meteorology +Info

2. Agro-Meteorology +Info

3. Hydrology +Info

4. Climatology & Climate Change +Info

5. Solar Energy Resource Assessment +Info

6. Wind Energy Resource Assessment +Info

7. Upper-Air Observation +Info

8. Early Warning and Civil Protection (Heavy rains / Flooding, Lightning, Radioactivity) +Info

9. Coastal Oceanography (Tides, Waves, Currents) +Info

10. Coastal Meteorology +Info

11. Airport and Heliport Weather Observation (AWOS) +Info

12. Road Weather Information (RWIS) +Info

13. Road Traffic Information – Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) +Info

14. Lateral Wind at Roads +Info

15. Lateral Wind at High Speed Railways +Info

16. Smart Cities +Info

17. Water Quality Monitoring +Info

18. Air Quality Monitoring +Info

19. Environmental Noise Monitoring +Info

20. Data Transmission and Communications (M2M) +Info