“From Madrid to Heaven”, and from the Sun to India. Learn more about the world’s largest Solar Atlas.

There is a popular saying about the capital of Spain: “From Madrid to Heaven”. And it seems very appropriate when we think about how important it is to observe and monitor the meteorological conditions and, in particular, solar irradiance.

Thanks to solar historical data, Government agencies in many countries publish maps commonly collected together as a National SOLAR ATLAS, which serves to inform policy-making and encourage solar power development.

And where is the largest Solar Atlas? Coordinated by the NIWE (a Technological Centre for Renewable Energies in India), the National Solar Network of India consists of more than 130 remote Solar Meteo Stations, each of them configured by one METEODATA data logger, one SunTracker-3000, Solar Irradiance and other meteorological sensors, marketed by ENEA Grupo®.

The network covers the whole India, transmitting data in near real-time via GPRS/3G to the Central Receiving Station. Numerical data and graphical information is WEB Posted by our Internet Platform, becoming an essential resource for the deployment of solar energy in that large country, which is supporting firmly renewable energies.

Next time you hear the saying “from Madrid to Heaven”, do not forget to add “and from the Sun to India”. Although the sun shines everywhere, and we want it to shine brighter every day, it really shines brighter in India, thanks to products made in Madrid, and marketed internationally by ENEA Grupo®.

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