ENEA advanced product engineering services can help you in the development of your products.

ENEA Grupo® offers specialized product engineering services in collaboration with an independent spin off, since 2009, of a multinational automotive leader in the design and development of active safety systems.

Currently, ENEA Grupo® has a high level team of 15 engineers who brings international experience of over 20 years leading and developing cooperative R & D projects, with worldwide responsibilities, in developing new products and supporting their industrialization.

The background experience in the global automotive industry brings a deep and solid knowhow on concepts, methodologies, processes and industrial transformation, project management and automotive standards, which can be applied not only in the automotive industry but also in other industrial fields related to Energy, Water, Environment and other global sustainable solutions.

We are specially receptive to accompanying new start ups and entrepreneurs helping them to translate their ideas to fruition.

Learn more about ENEA Grupo® industrial models and product engineering services.

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