AEQ opens its new headquarters with bioclimatic and photovoltaic by ENEA

AEQ inaugurates its new headquarters designed by a team of architects and engineers from ENEA Grupo® under bioclimatic architecture and sustainability criteria.

The 5,000 square meter building, located in the LEGATEC Science and Technology Park in Leganés, Madrid, generates its own energy through an 80 KWp photovoltaic grid connection, also installed by ENEA Grupo®.

Its design, in addition to being fully integrated into the building, has an optimal orientation to capture the highest solar radiation available, and easily allows ordinary maintenance work on the roof. In addition, it recycles liquid and solid waste, uses rainwater from its roof and uses energy saving techniques in its operation.

The new AEQ headquarters triples the size of the previous building and has used the most modern techniques in its construction, in accordance with the philosophy of a company such as AEQ, a leader in the technology sector and with a great vocation for the future, and ENEA Grupo®, a pioneer company in the renewable energy and sustainability sector.

Located 15 minutes both from the city center and Madrid International Airport, the ample parking capacity and accessibility for freight logistics contrast with the landscaped surroundings of the Science and Technology Park and the Carlos III University Campus, with spacious views and walking spaces for pedestrians and cyclists.

Not far from there, at the Carlos III University, there is also a pioneering cold generation facility using an absorption machine and solar thermal energy using vacuum tubes, the design and implementation of which was also carried out by ENEA Grupo® engineers.

The humanized interior of the AEQ headquarters, which offers occupants and visitors a welcoming, natural and relaxing space, allows working with natural light from the large office area on its north side, while the south side is protected by a large canopy and the photovoltaic installation.

AEQ has equipment and expert qualified personnel for the worldwide coverage of major sporting, political and social events, participating for years in the Olympic and World Games of Soccer, Athletics, Swimming or Skiing.

According to AEQ, this new headquarters of operations designed by ENEA Grupo® will allow them to grow as a company by improving the quality of the equipment and services provided, together with their clients and partners.